Stay Bold Pony Boy silkscreen Stay Bold Pony Boy

Stay Bold Pony Boy* on screen @ Superette

The first item of the You May Also Like this Poster series is done! Yaaaay! Thanks to the Silkscreen master printers Annelot and Harm from Superette it was a sparkling gold evening session with beer, wine and fun. ( And some trial and error with the gold foil thing..:-)   * "Stay Bold Pony Boy" is inspired by the phrase "Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold" from the novel "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hilton. The novel's popularity has led to the frequent use of the phrase in contemporary urban slang today and means "stay pure". The novel is about  boy called Ponyboy who is a member of the Greasers Gang in Oklahoma of the mid 60's. While nearly everything seemed to fall apart, his best friend advised him to "Stay Gold", not to stray from his path and pursue a better future.* "Stay Bold Pony Boy" is a parody on the phrase and encourages to stay brave, not to be driven by hypes or money, but to be driven by oneself.