Uit de Keuken van Maass - Logo Uit de keuken van Maass - corporate identity Uit de keuken van Maass - type and illustrations

Uit de Keuken van Maass

team: Ina Meijer & Marjolijn Stappers


​Visual style developed for De Keuken van Maass, a producer of ready-made biological meals. The quality meals are now packaged in simple, outspoken and tasteful designs. Departing from a small drawing of a cooking pot, the artwork found its way to all communications, from website to Christmas card. From visual merchandise to retail design and food stand.

Uit de Keuken van Maass


Bruna Visual Merchandise


Since its foundation in 1835 retail company Bruna has turned into an icon in the field of reading and writing in the Netherlands, with currently 345 stores across the country. Design studio INAMATT was commissioned to re-design the interior of the stores and to re-style the well-know visual identity, marked by the fiery red logotype. As a concept maker, designer and illustrator I was closely involved in this project from the first idea in 2012 until last year.

Hotel The Exchange

Options! - visual merchandise

A hotel with rooms dressed like models

For boutique hotel The Exchange Studio Ina Matt created the basic concept and led a group of AMFI fashion students in shaping dressing rooms like models. Themes ranged from The Tailors Dummy Room, ManRayEyes and The Tile Room, each of which is detailed through graphics, colour and fabric schemes and dazzling design objects and ornaments.