Time of your Life - Type Time of your Life - invitation

Time of Your Life

Letterontwerp en uitnodiging voor groepsexpositie over tijd in Art Space Flipside tijdens de Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. 


Hotel The Exchange

Options! - visual merchandise

A hotel with rooms dressed like models

For boutique hotel The Exchange Studio Ina Matt created the basic concept and led a group of AMFI fashion students in shaping dressing rooms like models. Themes ranged from The Tailors Dummy Room, ManRayEyes and The Tile Room, each of which is detailed through graphics, colour and fabric schemes and dazzling design objects and ornaments.

Graphic Detour @ KESSELS KRAMER

Graphic Detour

2011? Yes. A long time ago. But this project was a real stepping stone to me. During the first presentation at Kesselskramer I lost my text. I was terrible insecure, had doubts about almost everything and all that kind of mindfffff that kept me from doing the right thing. Here I have learned to look at a project in a more clear and organised way by curating ideas rather then judging them.