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You May Also Like This believes that brand communication and design thrives by an distinctive signature. Concept and implemantation are therefor close related in a multiple range of crafts and modern media.
To execute concepts and ideas, You May Also Like This explores this multi-disciplinairy fields. 
Illustrative skills and a multi-disciplinairy approach are essential to get the whole experience. And besides that, it gives allready lots of fun during the proces!

You May Also Like This =
Marjolijn Stappers, an experienced all round graphic designer & design director with strong illustrative skills and the ability to put this in a whole experience.

Knowing the way in the media and craft field, You May Also Like This offers brand strategy, naming, logo design. Retail, packaging design, merchandise, animation, one off's, print design, props, a bunch of illustrations and more.
Together with a network of creative professionals able to offer a whole experience. And that is what it's all about!




Marjolijn Stappers

NDSM Plein 19
1033 WC Amsterdam
Tel: +31 6 2486 1230


check here for freelance inquiries, answers and my resumé
Let's rock!

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RGD – Social Good Award 2014
project MAFIFA i.c.w. Vos Broekema for The University of Creative Arts Canterbury

Honourable Mention ADCN 2014 Package design and graphic design
Mama Sopa · Bubbles for Charity

You May Also Hire Us for:
Stationairy, campaigns, posters, illustrations, art direction, lay out, layed back, product design, packaging design, retail, commincation, books, animation, bold & beautifull stuff, nice people, nice ideas, playfull designs, copy, marketing, smarty-pants, good lunches, neon colors

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